Commissioning wildfowl sculpture is a personal process. Consider the area where you will display the sculpture when ordering your commission. You can order your bird life size, half size, or quarter size. Allen will sculpt a bird to fit your living space.

Habitat is also a consideration. You can commission your bird in a life-like habitat or no habitat at all. The owner of this harlequin drake commissioned it perched on snow covered rocks.

Male and female species that mate for life, such as the American Bald Eagle, look almost identical. Most other species have distinct differences, especially in color, between the drakes and hens.

Send an email to Allen Lopez or call to discuss the species you are commissioning: male, female, or pair; habitat; size; and desired completion date. Each commission is created individually according to your specifications. A 50% deposit is required before carving begins. The remainder of the fee plus shipping and handling must be paid in full prior to delivery.